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Patient Attendance Procedure

Please familiarise yourself with this procedure so you know what to expect at your visit. From the moment you arrive at the practice to the point where you exit the building, we have done all we can to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 within the practice environment.

Please attend wearing a mask or face covering

Please arrive hydrated as the water machine will be out of use

Please use the toilet before attending the practice as it will be out of service, except for extreme emergencies

Please clean teeth before arrival – this will minimise use of air to remove food debris

Please only bring minimal belongings into the practice with you

Please attend alone wherever possible or with one other person if absolutely necessary

If you require a chaperone, please read our practice policy on chaperones. Chaperones will also be required to wear a mask/face covering and undertake the Covid-19 screening risk assessment

The entrance to the practice will be locked; you will be able to enter the building when summoned by phone or text message at the agreed time. Please wait in your car, or, if you are walking, check the weather forecast as we may run late and cannot let you in until the previous patient has left the building. We will try our best to keep you updated via text message

You will be met by a team member wearing appropriate PPE

You will be given hand sanitiser to perform hand hygiene when entering the building from the PPE station inside the front door. If you are unable to use hand sanitiser, we will ask you to wash your hands

We will direct you to your seat at the far end of the waiting room to comply with social distancing

You will be screened using the standard COVID-19 screening questions and if now in Category 1 will be referred to an appropriate center (if it is an emergency) or advised to self-isolate

You will be asked to remain in the waiting room for 5 minutes and then your temperature will be taken to complete your risk assessment. You may need to be referred or your treatment postponed.

We will ask you to leave any belongings in the secure waiting room.

You will then be escorted directly into the surgery. During your appointment you will be asked to sign the clinipad to confirm the treatment plan, discussion of risks and benefits and medical history (the clinipad is then disinfected). If you are concerned about touching the clinipad, the dentist may sign on your behalf. For medico-legal reasons we will ask you to confirm this in writing before your appointment

At the end of treatment, you will be asked to leave the room promptly and perform hand sanitisation using alcohol gel placed outside the door

You will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room and collect your belongings

If a refund is due or there is any additional payment to be collected, you will be contacted

Your receipt and treatment plan can be retained in your clinical notes, printed off or emailed to you.

You will be escorted to the practice exit, by the nurse who will open all doors for you

We have also revised our cancellation policy. To read it click the link below.

Cancellation Policy